In some races, more than one seat is open, which means you can vote for multiple candidates. Sometimes there is only 1 Democrat running, leaving you to choose among Republican contenders.

Certainly, vote however you want, but consider this, please: These races are determined by the highest vote getters.  By voting for just one candidate, that candidate advances in the rankings by 1 vote.  However, when you vote for your Dem plus an R, each candidate you vote for moves ahead by the same amount. These truly are "races" and you just moved a Republican toward the finish line!

Now consider this:  If only 1 Democratic candidate is on the ballot with multiple seats available (such as state House races), it’s guaranteed that a Republican is going to win one of the vacant seats. The question then becomes, who gets the second seat?  Imagine that 1000 Democratic voters decide to single-shot the race and vote for only 1 candidate.  Say for the sake of argument that the vote counting is almost done and all but the single shot ballots are counted. At that point the Republican is ahead of the Dem by 999 votes before single-shot votes are counted.  The ballots are counted – and the Dem wins by 1 vote.

Now, what if instead of single-shot voting, those same 1,000 voters decided to vote for the number of candidates allowed?  In other words, 1,000 additional votes get spread among the 2 GOP candidates – and the Democrat loses. Therefore, while your intent was to get a Democrat elected, the result was just the opposite.  You just elected a second Republican. Ouch.

Some people don't want to "throw away" a vote.  You're not throwing anything away; you're just investing in your Democratic candidate!

Again, vote however you wish, just be a politically savvy and educated voter when you do fill in your ballot.

There you have it.  The ball is in your court. Please vote.  And tell your friends to single-shot vote, too. Together we can and will make a difference.


Q: How do you register to vote?
A: By registering online or filling out the voter registration form

Q: Do I have to completely fill out the ballot for it to be counted?
A: No. The only requirement is that you need to sign the envelope.

Q: Where can I drop off my ballot?
A: Any voting center.

Q: When must you re-register to vote?

  • After moving
  • After a name change
  • To update your political party