Executive Board

Janet Wilson

Chair: Janet Wilson

Matt Marquez

1st Vice Chair: Matt Marquez

2nd Vice Chair: Cynthia Ford

Hazel Chandler

Treasurer: Hazel Chandler

Rivko Knox

Secretary: Rivko Knox

Sergeant-at-Arms: Shantal Sutherland


PC Education & Data:
 Eric Shelley
Candidate Recruitment:  Garrick McFadden
Dems Give Back/Community Outreach:  Chris Gehlker
Social Media and Communications:  Whit Johnson, Blake Lister
Field Director:  Open
PC Recruitment:  Janet Wilson

We also have a new crop of State Committee People ready to represent LD20 at the State Party!

Ray Alanzo, Hazel Chandler, Linda Dooling, Doug Ervin, Cynthia Ford, Chris Gilfillan, Michelle Holden, Whit Johnson, Patty Kennedy, Jim Larson, Matt Marquez, Garrick McFadden, Celeste Pettijohn, Kim Rosenthal, Eric Shelley, Shantal Sutherland, Janet Wilson

Thanks for stepping up!