Decadent Desserts, Wine, and Arts Silent Auction Fundraiser


Come enjoy desserts and wine in the beautiful backyard of Patty and Brendan Kennedy (Address and Map below). We will have various artistic works from local artisans you can bid on to help out LD20.

Mark Kelly Kathy Hoffman
Mark Kelly, Running for US Senate and
Kathy Hoffman, 
Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction
will be our special guests!


Steven Slugocki

Maricopa County Democratic Party Chair
Steven Slugocki will also be attending!

If you need additional information please Contact LD20Tickets Are $10 Per Person


MaggieMaggie Keane [Excerpt from an interview] I started drawing and painting as a small child in New Jersey and thought that it was something everyone did. I never thought there was anything special about me and used to get into trouble and bullied in elementary school for drawing in other classes. In 8th grade, a substitute art teacher gave us total freedom one day to do whatever we wanted to. Normally, we would have a craft to produce and got graded on neatness. I began drawing a horse, and this substitute teacher pointed out to me that I had talent and encouraged me to find new ways and more sophisticated materials to express that.

I developed a love of sculpture in various mediums and found that I liked to work with wood. I had a knack for portraiture and started doing people and animals first as gifts, then as an actual business. I also enjoyed venting life’s daily frustrations by sketching these situations and the people in them. This paved the way for me to become a natural fit as a Federal Court sketch artist and political caricaturist. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona in 1977 where I specialized in painting and drawing.

In the 1980s I worked as a billboard painter and illustrator for the exhibit signage at the Phoenix Zoo. In the 1990s I painted several Phoenix city buses with various advertisements, most notably the Phoenix Suns. In between and during these jobs I restored two antique carousels. I was also painting theater sets and murals in people’s houses, mostly children’s bedrooms. I missed working outside on a large scale, so I got involved in some community mural projects. When there is time, I like to work on canvases in my studio and hope to have a show of them soon. Did I forget to mention that I ran away with the circus for 6 years where I met my husband? That happened when I was hired to paint some circus trucks. I think that’s everything.

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Don RidleyDon Ridley was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. He began his ceramic studies at Marcos de Niza high school and continued his pursuit of clay at Arizona State University. After spending time as a professional musician and a brief stint in corporate management, he returned to his pottery roots and spent several years teaching and working with Tom and Elaine Coleman at their studio in Henderson Nevada.

Don has won numerous awards for his work and continues to sell his pottery at shows and gallery’s throughout the southwest. He is currently the Department Head of the Ceramics Program at the Phoenix Center for the Arts.

His work over the past 5 years has evolved into a concentrated study of the relationship between the palette of glazes used and the various forms he constructs. This evolution has brought about a more focused interest in the alterations and textures introduced during the early stages of the piece, and the obvious and/or subtle interaction with the multitude of layered glazes applied.

Don’s Website

Candance WilkinsonCandance Wilkinson established The Northern Vermont School of Fiber Arts.  I love teaching, learning, hearing people’s stories and being part of my community. In the late 80s, I moved to Arizona and immersed myself in a new community. I taught art for seven years to elementary and middle school students.  I retired when our son graduated from college. Now I have found new freedom to chose how I express my ideas.  

As a fiber artist and craftsperson, I have been comfortable with and immersed in pattern, color, and rhythm for years.  The structure of weaving, knitting, or sewing are easy and enjoyable for me.

In recent years, I have been drawn to watercolor. For me, it’s at its best when the paints flow on the paper and mix in the water as they will. I struggle with this release of control, so it is a whole new teacher for me.

Candance's Website

Oxide ArtDaniel Moore grew up in Iowa City and attended the University of Iowa. It was there that he discovered one could actually major in Art. He obtained his BFA in Graphic Design & Photography and minored in Ceramics and Metalwork/Jewelry. Upon graduation he relocated to Phoenix, AZ. and worked full time as a graphic designer for a variety of corporate entities. Inspired by the works of Ansel Adams, in addition to his day job, he pursued his love of photography by photographing the natural world while hiking, backpacking and mountain biking throughout Arizona. At his last position, he was introduced to working with metal and welding, self-taught, Daniel expanded to 3-Dimensional pieces.

His botanical themes are influenced by my many years of exploring Arizona and the Sonoran Desert, whose plant life and landscape diversity rivals that of any other terrestrial ecoregion on Earth. His pieces reflect a desire to combine iconic design with a medium that reflects a sense of timelessness and permanence.

His photographic background influenced the choice to "frame" each design within the confines of a rectangle, producing a contemporary, somewhat formal presentation that contrasts well with the colors and organic forms in its environment.

Daniel Moore has been commissioned to create many works on all scales for both residential and commercial clients. The last few years has seen him move into the Public Art arena, an area he is strongly drawn to. His completed projects include inspired sculptural pieces, memorable freestanding works, gateways, enclosures, furniture and more. He has always thought that simple, elegant designs are the most impactful. His pieces reflect a desire to combine iconic design with a medium that reflects a sense of timelessness and permanence while expressing the visions of the client.

Through his work as an artist, Moore creates spaces that enhance the built environment, invites personal interaction, and engages the public through his works of art by identifying themes meaningful to each specific site and community.

Oxide Studio Website

Genesee JayGenesee Jay was born and raised in Prescott, Arizona.

As the Creative Director of the local web design company Website Design Phoenix and its sister company Debora Consulting, she oversees the development of various artistic departments ranging from web design and ad creation to packaging design and product photography.

After exploring many mediums and styles of artistic expression she has settled into a focus on abstract and non-objective art. Digital illustration has become a popular medium in her portfolio but Genesee still produces many paintings in a traditional matter, on large-scale canvases with a variety of textured materials.

While art serves many functional purposes in society, Genesee believes that one of the most important of all is its ability to represent things that we struggle to describe with words. Creating a thing of beauty is hard when the world’s goal is to destroy anything less ugly than itself, but she hopes to create something that will last longer than she will, with the power to hold it’s own ground against anything.

April 27, 2019 at 6:00pm - 8pm
Patty & Brendan Kennedy’s
10423 N 38th Ln
Phoenix, AZ 85051
United States
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Sorry, this event is sold out.