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Douglas Ervin - Campaign Site; Facebook

Ever since my family moved to Arizona when I was three years old, I have been honored to call this great state my home. Raised and educated in the valley, I have always been deeply committed to the community. Much of this commitment was instilled in me by my parents who gave back in their own ways. After my father left the military, he traveled the state as a field engineer, while my mother taught nursing at Mesa Community College. They ensured that education was always a top priority in our family.


Matthew Marquez - Campaign Site; Facebook

I am running for State Senate in Legislative District 20 (LD20) as a
clean election’s candidate. I believe that it is important that I am beholden to you, the members of our community. I will put the focus back to where it truly matters, that is you. For too long, everyday Arizonans have been ignored and silenced by our legislature.



Dan Anderson - Campaign Site; Facebook

Hi, my name is Dan Anderson and I'm running for the Arizona House of Representatives in District 20. As your representative in LD20, I will work effectively with both the public and all of our elected officials in both city and state governments to address problems throughout our district. I know how to do that. Only through teamwork can we improve the quality of our public schools, our public safety, create a better business environment for our local economy, and ensure our infrastructure is maintained, all of which helps to establish a better quality of life for our families. I'm committed to our community, and I'm committed to see it prosper. If you allow me the opportunity to serve, I will work hard every day to find practical solutions, and I'll always be responsive to you. I'm confident that by working together we'll be able to do great things for our community here in LD20. Thank you, Dan Anderson



Hazel Elaine Chandler - Campaign Site; Facebook

Residents of LD-20 deserve a strong advocate. Now is time to elect a representative with leadership experience and a track record of collaboration. We need solutions for problems facing Arizona families; underfunded education, health care, jobs and care for the environment. My role, as a certified public manager, provided me with comprehensive experience in Early Childhood Education, Healthcare, Behavioral Health, and Environmental Justice. I bring this to the table for you and your families. These are not partisan issues they are human issues. Working together we will find common ground; we will find solutions, we will succeed. As your representative, I will evaluate legislation based on three standards. -Is it good for the people in our district? -Are we identifying the core issue? -How will this legislation affect future generations? I am an advocate for teachers, counselors/therapist, and support staff. They all make up a safe and supportive educational environment. I will support legislation for fully funded schools. Our future depends on it. Successful people need good jobs, housing in safe communities, access to affordable health care, ability to access support systems, clean air, clean water, quality food and comprehensive health care. Together we are better.

Patrick Church - Campaign Site; Facebook

Hello, my name is Patrick Church and I would like to represent Legislative District 20 in 2018. I am a 20+ year resident of this community; I attended Deer Valley High School and earned my degree from ASU West. My wife and I volunteer our time in this community. I am a small business owner, the father of four children who attend public schools and an AYSO soccer coach. I have received many advantages from this community and firmly believe that I owe much of my personal and my business success to the love and support this community has given to me. I want to give back to this community that has nurtured me. I want to fight for better education for our children and access to the best healthcare for our citizens, young and old alike. I want programs to help the members of this community that may have lost their way due to addiction or mental illness. I believe we work better as a team and that we are only as strong as our weakest link. If we work hard and work together, we can build an even better community.


Christopher Loftus Gilfillan - Campaign Site; Facebook

Hi! My name is Chris Gilfillan, and I am excited to be running for the State House of Representatives in Legislative District 20.

I got into politics because I saw first-hand how education was being devalued. I come from a family of public school teachers. I am a graduate of a K-12 public school and a public university, I have volunteered for candidates that support education, and I have gotten out the vote for district overrides. For me, this campaign is about restoring funding to our schools and making public education a priority, for families, for businesses and for Arizona.