OCT 16 2020 #3 - VOTE!

LD20 - NEWS - 10/16/2020

VOTE 2020!

All the Maricopa County voter information below
and a lot more is available at:



  • For tons of info on your 2020 ballot including: the propositions,  judicial retention, our candidates, local voting location maps, and the comprehensive LD20 FAQs, visit the LD20 Website.

  • You get 1 vote for AZ State Senate. Vote for Doug Ervin!

  • You get 2 votes for AZ State Representative but use only one for Judy Schwiebert.

  • You can vote in-person or take your mail-in ballot to any voting location in Maricopa County. 

  • Most locations are not yet open. The LD20 location open now is Bell Canyon Pavilion on Bell Rd just west of I17.

  • Click on a pin for more details including hours.

  • Click on the box in the top right to enlarge the map.


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OCT 09 2020 #2 - Week In Review

LD20 - NEWS - 10/09/2020

The Week In Review

One week later and so much has happened. We were treated to the fly who parlayed 2 minutes and 3 seconds of the spotlight at Mike Pence’s expense into a trending twitter feed along with two important debates. We also saw the Voter Registration deadline extended from October 5th to October 23rd. And there’s more….

The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office mailed out over two MILLION ballots to voters on Wed, Oct 7th which is an amazing feat. As you can imagine, not everyone will have received their ballot the next day. In fact, the ballot could take up to a week for you to receive it. If you want to track your ballot, you can do so from your cell phone by texting: JOIN to 628-683.

Two days into our historic election and we’re already setting records in Maricopa County. Day One of the 2016 election resulted in 847 ballots cast whereas Day One in 2020 we saw 2,922 ballots recorded. Day Two resulted in more of the same with 393 ballots in 2016 contrasted to 2,369 in 2020. Let’s set some records in LD20, too!

We are fortunate to have a vote center in LD20 which has been open during the first day of the election from 9am-5pm (M-F). The location of this center is: 2814 W Bell Road (just West of I-17). In fact, we have made some big enhancements to our website in regards to all things pertaining to voting as we try to make this easier for all.  We’ve added more FAQs and other  information pertaining to voting along with a map of the voting locations in LD20: Great work by Eric Shelley and Whit Johnson for putting this together.

If you ever have a question regarding the voting process, please drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to address your question.  Now get out there and VOTE!

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OCT 2020 #1 - Proposition Alphabet Soup


Proposition Alphabet Soup

In less than a week, those of us who are on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) will begin to receive our ballots with this historic election.  All races are important, but this week’s newsletter focusses on two of the lesser known Propositions 444 for our Phoenix residents of LD20 and Proposition 449 for all LD20 residents.

Proposition 444 – This proposition, also known as “home rule” will renew the city’s alternate expenditure limit for another four years.  For nearly four decades, Phoenix voters have passed similar home rule propositions, choosing to control spending at the local level rather than accepting limits imposed by the state.  There is no impact to your taxes.

Proposition 449 – This Proposition authorizes the continuation of a secondary property tax levy for the benefit of the Maricopa County Special Health Care District for twenty years.  This levy helps fund our public teaching hospital, the AZ Burn Center, three behavioral health hospitals, and 12 family health centers.  Valleywise Health serves the needs of anyone who comes through its doors.  Its mission is to “provide exceptional care, without exception, to every patient, every time.”  The tax is estimated at $38/year on a home assessed at $200,000 or $0.1843 per $100 of assessed property valuation.

To find out more about all of the Propositions on this year’s ballot, visit:

Speakers representing Prop 444 and 449 are expected to attend LD20’s October monthly meeting.

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SEPTEMBER 2020 #3 - Get Involved


Don’t Sit on the Sidelines
Get Involved!

As it has been said many times, 2020 will be known as “the” year.  In addition to the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, this was also “the” year where we broke records for the most days in a calendar year where we reached or exceeded 110 degrees.  This was “the” year where in Maricopa County we broke both voter registration and voter turnout records for the August primary.  Lastly, this will be “the” year where we make real change in AZ with what will undoubtedly be a historic election.  What are YOU going to do in 2020?

During our September LD20 meeting, we heard about the ways you can directly help with the November election.  Perhaps you’ll want to consider being a Poll Worker (must be a registered voter) which is a paid position through the County Recorders office? More info HERE. Or, maybe you want to be a Poll Observer where you would report on issues affecting our voters – becoming the eyes and ears across the state.  If so, visit:

The simplest way you can help is to ensure your friends are voting this year.  If you hear them say, “my vote doesn’t count,” remind them that elections have been won/lost by only a handful of votes.  Help them make a plan to go to the polls.  In LD20, we will once again be fortunate to have one of the Vote Centers open on the first day of in person voting and for the duration of the voting period.  No excuses for not voting in LD20 for 2020!

Lastly, this is not the year to sit on the sidelines.  Help our candidates by dialing a few numbers during a phone bank and/or dropping off literature at front doors of our voters in LD20 – see below for the various ways you can help out.  Let’s make 2020 end on a positive note.  Do YOUR part and get involved!

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