NOV 08 2020 #1 - Finally & Thanks


It’s been a long four years, but the fruits of our labor have finally given us a change in the White House with President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.  Woo Hoo!  We will also have a second Democrat in the US Senate representing AZ with Mark Kelly’s decisive win.  Votes continue to be counted in our county as of this writing, so we will announce more of the outcomes in our next newsletter and during the November LD meeting.

Thanks to our LD20 Candidates and LD20 Campaign team for everything you did for our district.  All of the hours spent talking to all of the voters in LD20 regardless of political affiliation because you were listening to everyone.  You sacrificed much to move the needle.  Special shout-out to: Judy Schwiebert, Doug Ervin, Nate Levinsky, Mary Fortney, and the rest of the team.

Important local elections for our LD

What?  More elections?  Yes, we have some very important local elections taking place on November 17th in LD20 for the LD20 Executive Board and 23 State Committee Reps.  We have 71 elected PCs in LD20 who can run for these positions as well as vote.  All LD20 elected PCs will receive information from our secretary regarding the expectations for each of the positions.  As always, please contact anyone on the Executive Board, if you have questions.  Get involved!


Support Black-Owned restaurants

There are more than 50 Black-owned restaurants in the Phoenix area.  Check them out!

Donate to Farmworkers:

The Adelante Healthcare Farmworker Outreach Program is requesting donations of toiletries for those people working in the fields to harvest our food.  You can drop off donations M-F from 9am-5pm at the Adelante Center Support Office, 3033 N. Central Ave. Suite 145, Phoenix.  The donations they are seeking include: sunscreen, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, lip protectant (chap stick), razors, deodorant, and body soap.  The contact is Elena Cañez, 480 721-4825.

Non profits needing our help:

Now with your extra time, consider helping out a non-profit.  Next week we will locate various non profits who could use our help.


11/17 – Last LD20 Monthly meeting of 2020 – 7-8:30pm – see below for details

12/19 – MCDP Winter Convention – meeting begins: 1pm.  This is the meeting where we will vote on our county executive board, and more!  Registration begins: 11/12.  Must sign-up to participate.

01/23 – ADP Winter Convention / Statewide Re-Organization meeting  This is the meeting where we will vote on our state-wide executive board, and more!  More details forthcoming.





7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Please register for the meeting by clicking the link below.
After registering you will be automatically sent the Zoom connection info.
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The first half hour of our meeting will be a recap of the election cycle.  After our recap, we’ll conduct our board elections for the new cycle.  Anyone can attend our meeting, however, only elected PCs will be able to run for a board position and state committeeperson representing LD20.  Additionally, only elected PCs may cast votes for individuals.  We are fortunate to have our Maricopa County Democratic Party Chairperson, Steven Slugocki who will be running our elections.  Remember, all PCs must sign-up to participate in the elections at:  You must also sign-up, like usual, to attend the meeting you must register.


Please consider a small recurring donation to your LD-20!