NOV 24 2020 #3 - NEW BOD

Eric Shelley
New LD20 Chairperson

I want to take a moment to thank you all for trusting me with the leadership of our district. I’m honored that you all feel that I can help us take steps to realize even greater success in 2022. And I’m happy to know that I’ll have a great team working with me, including a strong executive board and more PCs and activists than I ever thought I’d have the privilege to work with.

As I compose this, we are all still waiting for the dramatics of the presidential election to run its course and come to a much-needed close. And while we wait for the commander-in-chief to come to his senses, I’ve had time to ponder what’s happened over the last several months, and I am encouraged by what lies ahead of us.

We will talk more about this in the LD 20 monthly meetings in the coming year, but I want to let you all know that one of my main goals for 2021 is to make sure we are all ready to go to our new 2022-2030 districts equipped with all of the knowledge, networking and skills we can bring to the table. The statewide and congressional elections in 2022 will most certainly be hard-fought, and we know that we are a whisker away from taking control of one or both houses of the state legislature. Coming into 2022 with a full head of steam will help secure even greater success next year!

One ask I have for all of you: Please start thinking about the different ways you may want to contribute your time and talents to LD20, whether in a way we do things today, or maybe in a way we haven’t thought yet. We have a couple of existing committees, and they will remain an important part of our strategy. But if you have other ideas to help build our district and shade it even bluer, please don’t hesitate and reach out to let me know your ideas.

And as I think you all know, I’m very much into the data and visualizations, and so I will leave you with this – a comparison of the results of the 2016 presidential election and the 2020 presidential election.



  1. Keep your Mark Kelly signs. He's just won the right to complete John McCain's term which ends in 2022.
  2. You can take your yard signs to B&L Polymer Processing located at 4330 N 39th Ave., Phoenix. You can reach them by phone at 602.415.9229. Their web address is If you'd prefer to email them, use [email protected].
  3. You could repurpose your signs into clip boards by cutting them to size and adding a big binder clip at one end.

Support Black-Owned restaurants

There are more than 50 Black-owned restaurants in the Phoenix area. Check them out!

Donate to Farmworkers:

The Adelante Healthcare Farmworker Outreach Program is requesting donations of toiletries for those people working in the fields to harvest our food. You can drop off donations M-F from 9am-5pm at the Adelante Center Support Office, 3033 N. Central Ave. Suite 145, Phoenix. The donations they are seeking include: sunscreen, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, lip protectant (chap stick), razors, deodorant, and body soap. The contact is Elena Cañez, 480 721-4825.

Non profits needing our help:

Help with GA and their Senate races:

Sign-up today to help GA with their US Senate races. Early voting in Georgia starts December 14th and the runoff is January 5th. That doesn’t give us a lot of time. There are two organizations who are helping out: FliptheWest and GA Dems. Can you help write postcards? Phone bank?

And here’s the GA Dems link for helping out:


LD20 Arts Auction for the Holidays
Online this year!

Our online arts auction contains something for everyone at all different price points. We have works in various mediums: clay, giclee, watercolor, & photographs. All of our items have been donated. Do your holiday shopping with us in the comfort of your own home. Auction runs from today to Dec 10th at 5pm. To bid on our items, please visit:

12/19 – MCDP Winter Convention – meeting begins: 1pm. This is the meeting where we will vote on our county executive board, and more! Registration begins: 11/12. Must sign-up to participate.

01/23 – ADP Winter Convention / Statewide Re-Organization meeting This is the meeting where we will vote on our state-wide executive board, and more! More details forthcoming.


Consider using this time to learn about the Request to Speak (RTS) system. After you get an account, you can provide feedback on bills submitted at the next legislative session. There are many sources for this information. Here’s a couple of them: and

Or, avail yourself of the training available through the state party. Wanted to learn more about a topic? Sign-up for courses at:

Please consider a small recurring donation to your LD-20!