OCT 30 2020 #5 - 4 More Days

Don’t stop now!
What Have You Done to Help A Campaign?

We are only days away from the most historic election day of our lifetime.  Those of you reading this newsletter are already tapped into the political scene and fully aware of our elections, but there are some citizens who are unaware of what’s at stake.  Perhaps they are a new voter and feel intimidated by the choices or the process?  Or, maybe they are juggling multiple jobs and don’t have time to watch TV and see the political commercials?  Or, perhaps they think, what’s one vote – no one will miss it? Whatever their reasons, there are voters who need our call and coaching to vote.  I know you’re thinking to yourself how can I make another call to these voters, but I’ll ask the question, how can we not?  We are so close to the finish line – don’t stop now!

You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating, all eyes are on LD20.  We are the district which can change the balance of power at the state legislature in both chambers.  We need everyone’s help to make this a reality.  It’s time to make some calls and make some history!


Canvass from Your Couch for our LD20 Legislative candidates!

Help our LD20 voters who might not know how to cast their ballot.  Several of our phone bankers have reported that our voters have appreciated getting a call to give them the guidance and information for how to cast their ballot.  It’s extremely rewarding to know you are helping a voter with this important privilege. It’s very easy to do.  We will help you if it’s your first time or if you need a refresher.  LD20’s Field Organizer Extraordinaire will get you started.  Simply sign-up for the training ahead of time.  Visit: https://www.mobilize.us/arizonald20/or contact Mary Fortney at [email protected]

Be a poll observer – help preserve Democracy!

Maricopa County Democratic Party (MCDP) is looking for volunteers who can help out at the polls by being a Poll Observer.  Your role would be to observe the activities at the polls and report back any incidents of voter intimidation.  It’s imperative that everyone who wants to vote, be able to vote and not feel threatened by anyone.  MCDP will provide training.  This year, more than ever, this activity will be critical to preserve our democracy.  If you can help out, please sign-up at: www.azdem.org/pollobserver


10/30 – Make GOTV calls for LD20!  Sign-up for the link at: https://www.mobilize.us/arizonald20/event/312834/

10/31 – Make GOTV calls for LD20!  Sign-up for the link at: https://www.mobilize.us/arizonald20/event/312834/

11/01 – Time change for everyone except for AZ.

11/01 – Join us for Super Vote Sunday with none other than the real Wonder Woman Lynda Carter.  Make calls and have fun.  Sign-up at: https://www.mobilize.us/arizonald20/event/358336/

11/01 – Make GOTV calls for LD20!  See a pattern emerging?  Don’t regret not helping out in any capacity.  This election is too important to just sit by the sidelines. Sign-up for the link at: https://www.mobilize.us/arizonald20/event/312834/

11/02 – Make GOTV calls for LD20!  Sign-up for the link at: https://www.mobilize.us/arizonald20/event/312834/

11/03 – Make GOTV calls for LD20!  Sign-up for the link at: https://www.mobilize.us/arizonald20/event/312834/

11/03 – Election Day. Lyft will be offering discounted rides to the polls on Election Day.

11/17 – Last LD20 Monthly meeting of 2020 – 7-8:30pm – see below for details

12/19 – MCDP Winter Convention – meeting begins: 1pm.  This is the meeting where we will vote on our county executive board, and more!  Registration begins: 11/05.  Must sign-up to participate.


2020 Election Facts, as of 10/29: 

Number of Registered Voters in Maricopa County: 2.6 Million!

Number of Registered Democrats in LD20: 42,295

Number of LD20 Democrats who voted: 26,339

Number of LD20 ballots cast: 68,926

State turnout of Dems voted to Registered Dems = 62.36%

LD20 turnout = 62.27% - just slightly below the state average, but if you help with calls you can help us improve!

LD20 Precinct with the highest percentage of votes cast: Canterbury knocks Monte Cristo out of the lead with 77.9% to 76% (all parties)


LD20 Candidates

LD-20's candidates for the Senate (Doug Ervin) and House (Judy Schwiebert) have web sites with very important information (www.ErvinForAZ.com and www.JudyForAZ.com).

Sign-up online to help out with their campaign.

Maricopa County Vote Centers Are Open This Weekend

Maricopa County voters who have an issue preventing them from voting in-person on Election Day can visit any of the Vote Centers beginning at 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 30 through Monday at 5 p.m. 

State law requires that a voter must provide identification and sign a statement attesting that they have experienced an emergency preventing them from voting on Election Day. It is up to the voter to decide what qualifies as an emergency. Voters do not need to have an emergency to drop off their early ballot in its signed and sealed affidavit envelope over the weekend at any Vote Center or secure drop box across Maricopa County. 

For voters who have not returned their early ballot, they can still drop it off at a secure ballot drop box or at any Vote Center now through Election Day on November 3 at 7 p.m.  Voters also have the option to return their early ballot to any of the drive through drop boxes located throughout the County.  Find a drop box location at Locations.Maricopa.Vote.


7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Please register for the meeting by clicking the link below.
After registering you will be automatically sent the Zoom connection info.
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The first half hour of our meeting will be a recap of the election cycle.  After our recap, we’ll conduct our board elections for the new cycle.  Anyone can attend our meeting, however, only elected PCs will be able to run for a board position and state committeeperson representing LD20.  Additionally, only elected PCs may cast votes for individuals.  We are fortunate to have our Maricopa County Democratic Party Chairperson, Steven Slugocki who will be running our elections.  Remember, all PCs must sign-up to participate in the elections at: maricopadems.org/LD20.  You must also sign-up, like usual, to attend the meeting you must register.


Please consider a small recurring donation to your LD-20!