SEPTEMBER 2020 #2 Political Terminology


Political Terminology

Just under four years ago, I found myself immersed in the world of politics and perhaps some of you are in the same boat today.  I found myself having to learn a new language so that I would feel comfortable with getting involved.  There’s all of these new terms and acronyms – what do they all mean?  This week’s edition of our newsletter is here to help you get started with understanding the vernacular as you begin your journey to helping out.  For example, isn’t a canvas something used for painting?  What’s a “lit drop”?  Do you make deposits at a phone bank?  Is GOTV a channel where you can find all of the political shows?  What’s a “PEVL”?

Let’s get started with some definitions of these terms.  A canvass (with two “s”) is an organized walk where we contact/talk with voters on behalf of candidates, propositions, or basically imparting information to voters.  A “lit drop” is where we aren’t talking with our voters, instead we are placing campaign literature at their door, essentially dropping the lit at the doors.  A “phone bank” or “virtual phone bank” (aka: VPB) is the mechanism we have for contacting voters by phone with a script pertaining to our candidates.  All of the phone numbers are loaded up and you just call voters.  GOTV” stands for “Get Out The Vote” where it’s an organized effort to remind people to vote – typically this is done when ballots “drop” (are mailed) and again just a few days before and leading up to election day.  Lastly, a “PEVL” (pronounced PEV-UL) stands for “Permanent Early Voting List” which is an option which AZ voters have for receiving their ballot – they can get it in the mail which means they are “on the PEVL” or they have to go to the polls to vote.

Now that you’re armed with this new knowledge and feel a little more comfortable, please consider signing up for one or more of our wonderful events so that we can get our LD20 legislative candidates over the finish line and turn LD20 a pretty shade of purple.


Canvass from Your Couch for our LD20 Legislative candidates!

Tell the world (okay, maybe just LD20 voters) about our LD20 Legislative Candidates from the comfort of your own home.  What’s a phone bank? What’s a canvass?  What if I’ve never made a call?  LD20’s Field Organizer Extraordinaire will get you started. Simply sign-up for the training ahead of time.  Visit: contact Mary Fortney at [email protected], if interested.

Yard Signs for our LD20 Legislative candidates!

Get your very own set of yard signs which you can proudly display on your front yard or along your patio balcony at any time. Contact Mary Fortney at [email protected] and have it delivered to your front door! Dog not included.


09/12 – LD20 Legislative Candidates Virtual Meet and Greet from 9am-10am. Come share your morning beverage and get your questions answered by Doug and Judy. RSVP at: or

09/12 Joint Phone Bank with guest speaker Jevin Hodge and our next Maricopa County Supervisor, Dist 3 – Whitney Walker and our LD20 Candidates from 11am-2pm. Sign up here:

09/12 – Prop 208 event at MetroCenter – 5:30-6:30pm. Come to the Park’n’Ride at MetroCenter and get your car painted for Prop 208. Make your car into a mobile billboard to show your support for restoring funding to education. Yard signs will be available for pickup.  Event hosted by Washington District Education Association. 

09/13 – Letters to the Editor Virtual Workshop focusing on the Corporation Commission – 3-4pm – sign-up on our LD20 FB page or HERE 

09/13 - Pop-Up Yard Sign event – 5:30-6:30PM – Acoma Park; 14421 N 39th Ave; Phoenix 85053.  Pick up postcards and yard signs for Doug and Judy. Details still being worked out.  We will be wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Look for the yard signs 😊 

09/15 – LD20 Monthly meeting – 7-8:30pm – see below for details

09/16 – Affordable House and Homelessness Virtual Town Hall – 6-7pm.  Join specialists and experts along with Doug and Judy for a community conversation. Must sign-up at:

09/20 – Joint Phone Bank with our outstanding Maricopa County Recorder who is seeking re-election: Adrian Fontes and our LD20 Candidates from 2pm-5pm. Sign up here:

09/22 – LD20 Legislative Candidates Virtual Meet and Greet from 5:30-6:30pm.  Get your questions answered by Doug and Judy.  RSVP at: or

09/23Massive Election Turnout with Adrian Fontes – 6-7:30pm. Can the Post Office handle our ballots? What about the Maricopa County Elections Department – can they handle the volume of ballots? Find out more during this informative meeting which will be held online. ZOOM REGISTRATION HERE

09/26 – ADP State Committee Meeting – 10am-1pm.  The business meeting will be virtual.  There will be some guest speakers.  Sign-up at this link:

09/26 & 09/27 – Get your walking shoes ready for some no-door knocking and contactless lit drops for our LD20 candidates. We will be launching from Moon Valley Park – 502 W Coral Gables Dr.  Shifts are 7am-10am, 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm (Sat) or 3pm-6pm (Sun).  Sign-up for any number of shifts at:   

09/29 – First Presidential Debate at Case Western University, Moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News

10/03 & 10/04 – Get your walking shoes ready for week two of some no-door knocking and contactless lit drops for our LD20 candidates. This time we will be launching from Cactus Park – 3801 W Cactus Rd.  Shifts are 7am-10am, 10am-1pm, 3pm-6pm (Sat) or 2pm-5pm (Sun).  Sign-up for any number of shifts at:   

10/07 – Vice Presidential Debate at University of Utah

10/15 – Second Presidential Debate in Miami, FL

10/22 - Third Presidential Debate at Belmont University in Nashville, TN


Key Election Dates


LD20 Candidates

LD-20's candidates for the Senate (Doug Ervin) and House (Judy Schwiebert) have web sites with very important information ( and

Sign-up online to help out with their campaign.


7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Please register for the meeting by clicking the link below.
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AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction
Kathy Hoffman

This meeting will feature AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman. Kathy has addressed the COVID challenges by using data before making decisions affecting our schools, teachers, and students. 

We will also have Michael Slugocki, Director of Voter Protection for the Maricopa County Democratic party who will explain the need for Voter Protection, especially in Maricopa County during this historic election.

We will also hear from our next LD20 House and Senate representatives: Judy Schwiebert and Doug Ervin. Find out how we can flip our state legislature as the LD20 House and Senate are two of the key notable races this cycle. Do your part and be informed and get involved.  


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